I have updated the Google Chrome plugin for Quicksilver with two major functionalities, history and search engines.

The history and search engines are both available when right arrowing into Chrome:

Content under Chrome

as well as in the catalog, though disabled by default:

Chrome catalog content

A few notes about the catalog entries:

  • As stated above, they are disabled by default, so in order to make them searchable directly in Quicksilver, you need to enable them.
  • The history entries inlcuded in the global catalog is limited to the 300 latest entries for cluttering and performance reasons. If you need to access all your history, right arrow into Chrome, and the history entry there will contain all of the history.
  • There could be a slight delay when loading all of the history. I have tested the functionality on a four year old Macbook Pro with 7000 history entries and there is only a slight delay when loading, so I think it should be acceptable.
  • The search entries are searchable both by their names as well as the keywords you would use in Chrome.

In addition to the history and search engines, I have also added specific functionality for URLs coming from tabs in Chrome, namely revealing the tab:

Reveal tab in Chrome

and reloading the tab:

Reload tab in Chrome

These commands work on the URLs under “Open Web Pages” as well as the proxy object “Current Web Page (Chrome)”. That means you could set up a global trigger for reloading the current page which is quite nice when doing web development.

Read the documentation here:


Grab the latest version here:


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