In the new version of my plugin, I have added open in tab-alternatives to all of the iTerm actions in the plugin:

iTerm actions in Quicksilver

The new actions are mutual alternatives, meaning that if you select Open Directory in iTerm and press ⌘↩, it will open in a new tab, and if you use Open Directory in iTerm Tab and press ⌘↩, it will open in a new terminal.

As you can see in the image, the tab variants are disabled by default. The reason for this is I did not want to clutter the action list more than necessary, and as stated above, the new actions are reachable by ⌘↩.

Should you want to open in tabs “by default”, just disable the normal commands and enable the tab commands. Or enable them both.

I have also added a tab variant for opening sessions:

iTerm session actions in Quicksilver

I actually released a 1.4.0 version with just the session action, but just as I had built and uploaded the release to GitHub, I realized that I might as well add alternatives for all the other actions, so I didn’t bother annoncing it.

I have no ideas for further development as of now, so this release is going to stick for a while.

Read the documentation here:

Grab the latest version here:

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